webtreesonline is a division of genehosts, a US-based business offering family tree hosting and research assistance. At webtreesonline.com, we specialize in providing family tree hosting to anyone interested in recording their own ancestral history. We provide these services using only webtrees, an online, collaborative open source genealogy program.

Let me introduce myself. I am Stephen Arnold and the driving force behind the webtreesonline.com team.

Stephen P Arnold

Stephen P Arnold, genemaster webtreesonline.com

In early 2010, I and a few fellow genealogy enthusiasts from around the world joined forces to create the open source software program, webtrees. As a fork from the popular and respected product PhpGedView, our software had a strong base from which to grow. Our programming team decided to take a slightly different approach to the core product, moving the entire program to a SQL-based structure. Together, we have made some major changes to the underlying code as well as improvements to navigation, site management and display elements. This united effort has yielded a substantial improvement in both speed and ease of use. After more than six months of behind the scene efforts, we introduced the new software as webtrees, and the project has already received numerous accolades and found widespread acceptance as continues to grow rapidly in popularity. However, it is a work in flux, with dozens of changes each month and many more anticipated and as such, requires users keep their installations up-to-date to maintain both the security and veracity of their family tree data and to take advantage of enhanced feature sets.

Since the launch of webtrees in August 2010, I and others have been providing help to many of the early adopters, including set up and operations advice via the webtrees forum. So why do we think it necessary to offer our webtreesonline.com hosting service? While webtrees is relatively easy to install and use, it does require those who desire to use the software have access to a web platform that meets specific criteria, as well as the technical knowledge necessary to transfer, load and then to maintain the product on their own web site.  To simplify this process for you, we have created webtreesonline.com.

  • We install all the software for you: webtrees, Apache, MySql and PHP.
  • We keep these programs regularly upgraded to the latest versions.
  • We help you with questions and issues you have while using it, and
  • We ensure your family tree data is protected and secure.

webtreesonline hosting plans can provide you all this and more for a price that is close to what you would pay for simple web hosting services. We hope our client support forums will create a community of clients, where we can share not only tips and techniques related to the use of webtrees software, but also help each other with general family history research. Additionally, we will also provide pages of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help with the more common issues.

Want to see a sample webtrees family tree in action? Take a look at our webtrees demonstration site, then contact us to discuss your needs. You can see our very simple pricing plans on the sign up page. We would love to call you “cousin” as part of our extended family of webtreesonline hosting clients.